The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Acclaimed Canadian street artist Dan Bergeron aka is opening his first commercial gallery show this Friday September 10th at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto.

Bergeron's most recent body of work, Faces of the City, juxtaposes the abrasive charm of the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the human face. As the walls and surfaces of the city define its physical character and spatial identity, the faces of its inhabitants provide the city with its personality, disposition and magnetism. His fusion of the two explores the idea that beauty truly lies in the scars, wrinkles and blemishes of places we live and people we meet.

Show & Tell Gallery will host an intimate and casual talk with the artist as he discusses his practice both on the streets and in a gallery setting. Join The Ministry on Saturday September 11th (4-6pm) for this open forum discussion, this event is open to members as well as the general public. Full details can be found on The Ministry's website here.

Fauxreel - Quick Labotomy from Show & Tell Gallery on Vimeo.