The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
George Condo recently opened a retrospective at the New Museum in New York. This exhibition features a selection of Condo's signature portraiture along with his more abstract paintings and a series of interesting sculptures.

"At a preview of the New Museum’s George Condo retrospective, George Condo: Mental States, I was struck by the painter’s relentless engagement with all sorts of art historical genres, from Baroque portraiture to abstract expressionism and back again, all cast into Condo’s weird world of bug-eyed monsters, fractured faces and elongated features. At turns cartoony and grotesque, weird and sublime, Condo’s exhibition represents a triumphant return for a painter now better known for his portraiture of Kanye West than for his 1980s art world-piercing works."
- Kyle Chayka

For more about the show and a great photo essay please visit Hyperallergic.