The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Monday, March 21, 2011
Bringing together a broad range of artists from around the world, Nova is an interactive art collaborative. Exploring all media of art from illustration to large scale murals to digital video, this loosely affiliated group of artists work together in different combinations to create experimental visual and sonic environments that manipulate traditional and contemporary techniques through free-form improvisation. Open to the public, the works created by this group take over museums and cultural institutions and create serendipitous and ephemeral spaces for fun explorations of the state of current creative culture.

Nova projects are the brainchild of ROJO, an independent creative organization founded in 2001 by David Quiles Guilló that aims to "push positive forward-thinking contemporary art worldwide". ROJO has already completed more than 600 events around the world that generate creative encounters between artists and the public.

ROJO's newest event, Nova Cultura Contemporanea, opens today at Casa Franca-Brasil, an arts foundation in Rio de Janeiro.

Nova, The Film, was produced by BossaNovaFilms in July and August 2010 during the installation of the Nova Contemporary Culture event at the Museum of Image and Sound in in São Paulo, Brazil.

By Randy Gladman for The Ministry of Artistic Affairs.