The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Saturday, June 18, 2011

At The Ministry, we have done our best to remain neutral and silent on the phenomena that is Lady Gaga. Unquestionably there is an incredible amount of talent spewing out of the culture-fabricating machine she heads. Stefani Germanotta's remarkable ability to attract media attention makes the X-Men's Magneto's powers of magnetism seem flaccid by comparison and our blog seemed to be one of few Gaga-free zones left on the internet.

But the Gagagoddess of Pop recently mounted a full-frontal assault on our domain with her “Drawn This Way” contest for V Magazine. To accompany her new regular column in the magazine, The Gagger is holding an ongoing contest, inviting her fans to submit homemade portraits of her. Each issue’s column is then accompanied by a different, winning illustration of the Princess of Gag rather than a typical headshot.

The degree of self-glorification by the Queen of the Little Monsters is as epic and mesmerizing as the her hyperhyperized costumes. Though the saccharine content is an exercise in mindless idolatry, the creativity exhibited by some of the contestants ain’t half bad. Here are some of the finalists from the first couple waves of submissions, from V Magazine online.

By Randy Gladman for The Ministry of Artistic Affairs.