The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The next Ministry of Artistic Affairs event is now open for RSVP.

Members of The Ministry are invited to attend a guided tour of Art Toronto. Over the past decade, art fairs have seen a huge increase in importance in the art world. These fairs attract galleries from across the globe to present their artists' work on a large scale. These fairs provide collectors with access to many of the world's best artists all in one location.

Even if you are just a spectator and not planning on adding to your own collection, Art Toronto is attractive because of the vast scope of work on display. The Ministry's members will tour the art fair together, stopping in at the booths of key galleries for educational discussions of the work on sale. This will be a fun social outing, encouraging members to get to know one another better and share their ideas about art. This event marks The Ministry's second annual visit to this important art market.

More information at this link.