The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Join The Ministry for an intimate talk with Toronto-based artist Derek Sullivan at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects.
"Employing formal and textual elements that frequently contradict and alter relationships with one another, Derek Sullivan draws upon overlapping histories of modernist design, abstraction and conceptual art to unsettle notions of meaning and authorship." Sullivan uses drawing and sculpture, in addition to producing various ephemeral conceptual projects, to explore his interest in reinterpreting familiar forms in order to open up new areas of inquiry. 

Members will meet at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects for a tour of Derek's exhibition Walking and chewing the fat at the same time with the artist. A question period will follow. Members of The Ministry are also highly encouraged to visit Sullivan's exhibition titled Albatross Omnibus which will be running concurrently at the Power Plant in Toronto. 

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