The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Thursday, December 29, 2011

 I have been to Art Basel three times but this year there was an energy that was very different. From the large venues like Scope, to the indie galleries like Fountain, to the streets of the Design District, it felt like everyone everywhere was simultaneously absorbing as well as radiating positive vibes.  The Wynwood Walls were the single most incredible collective art project I've ever witnessed, the art was amazing!

As expected the after hours events left me worn out until well into the next day. This was the first time that I wasn't on assignment at Art Basel so I could move at my own pace and without all my equipment. The only thing I carried was my 7D. I didn't even take extra batteries nor did I carry my external audio recorder. But I got to say that it was worth it traveling as light as I did. Shooting was almost an after-thought and I think that comes across in this cut.


 By Trevor “Trevz” Bayack of The New Pop.
Soundtrack "Eleanor Rigby" Remixed by David Takahashi & Unknown.