The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Monday, January 3, 2011

Perhaps the film that everyone wanted to pre-judge and dismiss as part of the perceived "over-hype" of Banksy turned out to be the biggest surprise of 2010. Not only was the film entertaining, funny, and controversial, but was actually a well-made, great bit of filmmaking. It transcended typical street art and art circles and became a film that masses could enjoy. Most people we spoke to, some of the early critics, even admired Banksy's 2010 project to reimagine the art world.

Exit Through the Gift Shop has made it onto many critic's Top 10 Lists, went to Sundance, and made a mystery man in Mr. Brainwash (is he really just Banksy, is he Banksy and Shepard Fairey, is he just a man who really liked street art) into an international art sensation, real or not. It told a particular story of street art, and canonized it in a way few if any had done before. All from the man who claims no ties to anything, although Banksy did draw the line in the sand in 2010.

Was it better than expected? Ten times over. Was it controversial? People are still arguiing over it. That to us is the mark of a landmark film.

From Juxtapoz.