The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Sunday, June 26, 2011

Join The Ministry this coming Wednesday evening for our second annual talk with Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) director David Liss who will explain the museum's newest curatorial effort, "This Is Paradise", an exhibition that explores the history of The Cameron Public House and continues the MOCCA's curatorial series looking at the history of the Queen Street West district.

During the 1980s, this area developed into a hotbed of visual art, music, political activism, D.I.Y. energy and punk aesthetics. Upon opening its doors under the new ownership in October 1981, the Cameron House became a magnet for the most talented and ambitious in the 'hood and functioned as the unofficial headquarters and common meeting place for the bohemian scene of Toronto at the time. Though it has evolved over the ensuing years along with the surrounding community, it remains a legendary cultural landmark with many stories to tell.

This lively exhibition, filled with paintings, politics, visual ephemera, big hair, and even bigger shoulder pads, will contextualize, in a contemporary art history framework, the activities and participants of the Cameron House (as it is now known) as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. After the tour, led by Liss, the group will head over to the Cameron House for a cold pint or two.

The mandate of MOCCA is to exhibit, research, collect, and promote innovative art by Canadian and international artists whose works engage and address challenging issues and themes relevant to our times. MOCCA is committed to providing a forum for emerging artists that show particular promise and to established artists whose works are considered to be ground-breaking or influential.

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Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
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Toronto, Ontario