The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Thursday, October 13, 2011
The Ministry has had a busy month with 2 separate events at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Members were first offered exclusive front-of-the-line access to a book signing and release with acclaimed contemporary artist Gary Taxali. The event was casual and fun. Refreshments were served and members of The Ministry were each graciously given a special print edition from Taxali.

The second event was a tour of the impressive Thomson Collection with AGO curator Sasha Suda. This event was fantastic as Suda was able to confidently explain the rich collection in an accessible and interesting manner, focusing on Thomson's incredible passion for collecting. This was a rare opportunity for members to have a one on one dialog with a curator at a major Canadian institution. A good time was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

See more photos of the past 2 events below.

Gary Taxali book signing.

Thompson Collection tour with AGO curator Sasha Suda.

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