The Ministry of Artistic Affairs
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
In his next project, opening on Friday at Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virgina, Ryan McGinness has used the permanent collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as the basis of imagery for a series of new paintings. These new works will then enter the same permanent collection and create a reinforced dialog with the institution's history of art.

McGinness's process began by selecting 200 images from the collection and then reducing them into his signature sylistic iconographic language. These new icons were then collaged using the silkscreen painting process he has been using for the past ten or so years. The resulting 16 paintings were acquired by the museum, creating a permanent interaction with the referenced pieces.

On his studio's website, McGinness has prepared a simple and easy guide to this concept and how it was executed. You can safely download the PDF here.

Ryan McGinness
"Art History is not Linear"
April 1 - May 7, 2011
Page Bond Gallery
Richmond, Virginia

By Randy Gladman for The Ministry of Artistic Affairs.